Unit's employees:





Dr. Abdulaziz Ahmed Al-Enezi

Head of the decision support unit



Dr.Sultan Munadi Al-Enezi

Decision support unit



Dr. Zakaria Mohamed Saleh

Decision support unit



Abdul Nasser Saber Muhammad

Decision support unit



Ahmed Salem Al-Enezi

Decision support unit





Organisational Affiliation: linked to the general management of strategic planning and Vision Realization.

General objective: to provide data and information to support and support high management to make the appropriate decision.


1. Execute approved plans and programs.

2. Developing the university's data system by collecting data from internal and external sources and classifying and organizing it for future strategic planning and decision-making support.

3. Conducting statistical analysis and converting the data into easy-to-understand information for university activities.

4. Utilizing modern programs and models to generate accurate results and different alternatives, allowing decision-makers to choose the best option.

5. Providing the organizational units with requested statistical information on designated timelines.

6. Coordinating with relevant parties to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data and to monitor changes resulting from the implementation of decisions.

7. Exchange information, experiences, and cooperation with internal and external information centres.

8. Stay informed about the needs of beneficiaries for information and documents, and work to meet those needs.

9. Collecting and classifying data for future reference, including comparative analysis with distinguished universities in areas relevant to the university.

10. Assist in identifying the needs for human resources, equipment, materials, and work to provide them.

11. Contribute to identifying and addressing training needs for employees within the unit, and nominate them for suitable training programs.

12. Preparing periodic reports on the unit's activities, achievements, and suggestions for performance improvement.

13. Undertake additional tasks assigned within the unit's competence.