About The Vice Presidency

The Vice Presidency of Development, Quality, and Community Service is one of the University's newest Vice Presidencies, established in 1436 AH.


The Vice President
The Vice President of Development, Quality, and Community Service
شعار وكالة الجامعة للتطوير والجودة وخدمة المجتمع

Vision and Mission


Achieve leadership and creativity in development, quality, and community service at the local, regional and international levels.


Enhance the quality, academic and administrative performance of the University's staff and achieve solid community partnership through high-quality technology and a supportive environment.


  • Developing the faculty members and administrative staff of the university.
  • Consolidating universally accredited administrative and academic practices.
  • Creating a smart university that supports interactive education.
  • Creating and developing strong partnerships with community institutions to share experience and training.
  • Spreading a culture of quality and awareness of the importance of development, continuous improvement, and community interaction.
  • Achieving quality and academic accreditation by continuous improvement.
  • Activating the university's role in serving the community and developing the skills and knowledge of its members through training.
  • Keeping abreast of new changes and techniques.
  • Building and developing strategies for deanships and departments.
  • Evaluating performance, productivity, and outputs continuously and developing improvement plans.
  • Supporting the projects of the university's strategic plan, following up on its implementation, and encouraging initiatives that help to achieve the plan. ​